Wednesday, June 23, 2010

O'Reilly blogs about the Platform!

Tim O'Reilly is a visionary who has been talking about the Platform for years. He's calling it an Internet Operating System. He talks about the Platform and reviews the race - Tim calls it "the great game".

This is the crux of my argument about the internet operating system. We are once again approaching the point at which the Faustian bargain will be made: simply use our facilities, and the complexity will go away. And much as happened during the 1980s, there is more than one company making that promise. We're entering a modern version of "the Great Game", the rivalry to control the narrow passes to the promised future of computing. (John Battelle calls them "points of control".) This rivalry is seen most acutely in mobile applications that rely on internet services as back-ends. As Nick Bilton of the New York Times described it in a recent article comparing the Google Nexus One and the iPhone:

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