Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Self-adapting applications for Mobile Users In ubiquitous Computing environments

The MUSIC (Self-adapting applications for Mobile Users In ubiquitous Computing environments) project is an EU sponsored effort to engineer something very relevant to the Platform. MUSIC is building middle-ware that enables development of mobile applications across different mobile vendors and service providers (any network/any device concept). The project has created software design methodology and middleware to enable creation of self-adapting mobile applications.

Something like MUSIC will be an essential component of the Platform. However, MUSIC itself is unlikely to evolve into the Platform. It is mostly a software-development methodology rather than a core Web service.

MUSIC project would need to grow commercial and marketing muscle to penetrate the market. I would start with renaming the project - it's difficult to search for it on the internet.

The user-centric approach of the MUSIC project is conceptually aligned with the Platform. However, my understanding is that the project assumes that the user profiles are hosted with the service providers, which is an old business model that maintains the balcanization of the information space. The Platform concept assumes that the user profiles are hosted as the Platform Cells centrally within the web hosted Platform. The services are built around the Platfrom Cells independent of the ISPs.

This paper provides a good technological overview of the MUSIC.

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